How To DOMINATE FaceBook ADs Like A Pro & Rake In Easy Commissions!

Get Massive Traffic, High CTC & Crazy Conversions Like Top Affiliates!

Facebook traffic is MASSIVE. And the best part about it is that you can get LASER TARGETED traffic at low cost. I'm talking about 0.05 - 0.20 CPC.

There is simply NO other traffic source at the time of writing that gives you a SUPER TARGETED audience at such low costs. You'd be crazy if you are not even trying this traffic source out.

NOTE: Many of our top affiliates are primarily driving traffic via Facebook ADs and Community Pages. The top affiliates rake in close to ~$10,500 in net profits PER DAY!

In this article, I'm going to break down how you can get easy commissions via Facebook ADs and Community Pages promoting TedsWoodworking. So listen up because this might just be the best advice you can use as an affiliate.

Also, I'm going to assume you already have a Facebook AD account or know how to sign up for one. In not, google it. There're plenty of free articles to teach you how to sign up.

So lets get started:

If you haven't already watch this, take a look at an official ClickBank's case study on TedsWoodworking.

You'll learn step by step how to make your first sale with FB Ads.

Clickbank X TedsWoodworking

Facebook ADs Case Study

1. Define Your Audience

This is the most important part of your campaign. Here is detailed demographics for TedsWoodworking:

  1. Gender: Male

  2. Age: 35-65

  3. Countries: United States**, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (we recommend focusing on these top 4 countries first -** more than 80% of sales come from US)
  4. Interests: Woodworking, Carpentry, DIY, Home and Garden, Survival, Off Grid, Sheds, Home Improvement, Green Energy, Alternative Power, Tools, Routers / Workbench, Carpentry Cabinet making, Craftsman, Wood craving, etc

  5. Additional Interests: Craftsman, Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking, Router, The Wood Whisperer, Wood Magazine, WoodCraft,Woodworker's Journal Magazine, WoodWorkers Guild of America, WoodWorkers Guild of America, Woodworking Enthusiasts

Choosing the right audience is essential for a successful Facebook ads campaigns. You need laser-focused targeting. Start with a defined audience size (arrow in the middle).  

As you scale, you can go broader within the woodworking interests.  You can add more interests as long as they are related to woodworking. 

You don't have to worry about education level, status etc. The top 3 targeting options above is more than enough to see success in your campaigns. Don't over complicate things.

2. Start With Mobile and NewsFeed Ads

With your first AD, I recommend you only start with Newsfeed and Mobile targeting.


  • Audience Network can be a little difficult to configure for a beginner. It’s best to get started with Facebook Ads directly on Facebook... rather than Facebook Ads that appear on other channels
  • Instagram ads are a whole different kettle of fish
  • I’ve found right-hand column ads are effective for re-targeting, but with the CTR so low it’s not worth it when you’re starting

You can however, target all sources (we've affiliates that do that) but MAKE SURE you split test your ADs and disable those with poor ROI.

3. Use the Facebook Compliant Link or Your Own Domain

Do NOT use your main affiliate link as the landing page on your Facebook AD.

You have to use our FB compliant link  as it has no exit pop ups or autoplay videos:

You can find the FB compliant page in our affiliate resource section

You can also use your own domain and have more control over the landing page (recommended!)

That means you can add your own pixel in your domain and do re-targetting

That also mean you can collect your own leads and send them marketing email for better engagement to get warm leads -> which leads to higher conversions!

If you need help creating landing pages easily, check out LeadPages

It helps to give away a FREE PLAN on your landing page -  then for the "thank you" page (after they have opt-in), use this affiliate link:

This affiliate link simply tells the customer to check their inbox and presents them with a salespage (with your affiliate cookie)

4. Tracking Your Conversions

I would HIGHLY recommend you use TID tracking codes for your affiliate links. Find out more about using Clickbank's tracking integration on Clickbanks help page

You can place all your tracking pixels from PPC networks from your own Clickbank account.

If a sale was made via your Facebook ADs, in the sales reporting you would see that Tracking ID listed in the TID column, indicating how many of that tracking ID is accounted for the sales.

For Ad optimization, switch to "optimize for link clicks" instead of "Page Views" if you're sending traffic to our landers.

Alternatively, you can also see this article on domain verification:

You can use RedTrack to verify your own domains for conversion tracking. The workaround allows you to track conversions for your affiliate campaigns.

We also recommend taking a look at Clickmagick as a tracking solution.

5. Selecting The Right Image & Copy

I'd say the importance of the image is 90%. The copy is just about 10%.

In Facebook ADs, the most important element is choosing the right image to INTERRUPT your audience.

The audience on Facebook is VERY different from those searching on Google. They're primarily there to interact with friends, gossip, etc. You need the right image, targeted at your audience to STOP THEM in their tracks.

Try to create an ad that uses natural text versus something that seems like an advertisement. Imagine what you naturally write / post on Facebook compared something that seems like a paid placement.


Forums and communities are a GREAT way to source for woodworking images. DO NOT use professional stock photos. They usually fail badly on Facebook ADs with poor CTR.

Look for "home-made" type of woodworking projects. These get the highest CTR.

The copy doesn't really matter much in our experience. The image is about 90% of the work. The copy just asks for the action. (eg: Click here to get free plans! or Get Access to 16,000 plans etc)

Even better, create an AD that offers free plans. CTR will be higher since visitors will be getting a free plan when they click on your AD.

Remember to SPLIT-TEST. Ideally you should run 6-10 images and copy at once. Pause those with CTR of less than 0.05%.

Remember to take note of advertising decays. Over time you need to refresh your advertising, even if it’s working, to prevent it from going stale. 

6. Scale It Up!

Once you found a winning formula and your Clickbank commission sales start raking up, spend as much as you can while you can. You'll hit the daily spending limit. Facebook will increase your budget and you can start scaling it up further.

Our top affiliates spend between $5,000 to $10,000 PER DAY on Facebook ADs and they are killing it. With this guide, I hope you can join in on the fun :>

I hoped this has educate and inspired you. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, you need to TAKE ACTION today...

To your affiliate success,

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