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Custom Landing Pages

We've included several alternative landing pages for affiliates. These include PPC/AD network friendly pages as well as sub-niche targeting.

If you're running these links on Facebook, please ONLY use the Facebook friendly landers

TIP: The main aff link is our best converting, highest EPC sales page - so you should use this in most circumstance.

Replace XXX with your actual Clickbank ID!

Eg: If your Clickbank ID is woodprofit, your affiliate link will be:

Main Aff Link (Highest Converting):

(FACEBOOK & PPC Friendly): No Exit Pop + No Video Autoplay:

(FB Friendly) 50 Free Plans Landing Page - Great for giveaways:

(Your affiliate link will still be tracked properly and you'll get commissions for future sales)

Video With Text Landing Page

Art of Woodworking Book Download (For your own autoresponder):

Use this thank you page if you're collecting emails and using your own autoresponder to promote TedsWoodworking

Free Plans Thank You Page (For your own autoresponder):

Use this thank you page if you're sending plans and using your own autoresponder

To Direct Order Page: (if you want to try using your own salespage)

Landers for Free Plans and Reports:

(great for content if you're using your own autoresponder)

Classic Bookshelf & A Funky Table Lamp:

Modern side Table:

Colonial Washstand & A Shaker Style Coat Rack:

Guide To 13 Wood Joinery Types:

The Definitive Guide To Selecting A Tablesaw:

Complete Guide To Lumber Thickness:

Graphics & Banners

PPC Keywords

TIP: If you're using Google PPC, please do not link the ad directly to your affiliate link. Google HATES affiliates that does that and punishes you with low quality scores.

Instead, direct it to your own landing/bridge page. The best type of bridge page is a unique high quality review article. This presells your visitor. If you need help creating landing pages easily, check out LeadPages

Demographics & Facebook ADs

Facebook ADs is a great way to drive targetted traffic to the offer. A large number of our affiliates have been using Facebook ADs successfully. For a detailed guide, read our article on Facebook ADs

Here is the target demographics you should go after:

  • Setup your campaign to target this group: Age: 30 to 65, Male.
  • Target countries in this order:  1. United States (most popular), 2. United Kingdom,  3. Canada , 4. Australia
  • Target interests such as: Woodworking, DIY, Home and Garden, Survival, Off Grid, Sheds, Home Improvement, Green Energy, Alternative Power, Tools, Routers / Workbench, Carpentry Cabinet making, Craftsman, Wood craving, etc
  • In general, our target market cross sells very well with the green energy, alternative energy, survival/preppers, conservatives market
  • For a detailed guide, read our article on Facebook ADs

Email Swipes

You can write your own solo email or check out the sample emails below.

If you don't have your mailing list, it's time to build one right now. The saying that “The Money Is In The List!” will justify itself time and time again once you build your own subscriber list and send out those emails.

First you need an autoresponder service. I recommend a high quality autoresponder that we use:  Click Here To Visit GetResponse

NOTE: Tests have shown that sending 3 emails will result in the most sales. No matter how many emails you intend to send, the 3rd follow up email should be the last. It is high pressure and it converts the highest.

WARNING: You should NOT send unsolicited emails and must comply with CAN-SPAM. Spammers will be reported to Clickbank and banned from promoting our product.

First email (version 1)

title: Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here (Open Now)


I just got this and love it, you've got to have a look..

Get access to 16,000 woodworking plans >>
(insert aff link

You can get instant access to over *16,000* woodworking projects in the next 5 minutes or less..

You got to check out Ted's video now:
(insert aff link)

TedsWoodworking has over 16,000  woodworking plans with STEP-BY- STEP instructions, photos and  diagrams to make every project laughably easy...

Click here to take a look at his plans
(insert aff link)

Secure your place before it's too late.

Note: $79 Savings For 72 Hours Only

Ted is running a time limited "launch discount" and the complete package of plans is 50% off the regular price

Grab your discount while it lasts...
(insert aff link)

Don't miss out on this - 72 hours only!

Have a great day and talk soon.
Your Name

P.S: Ted's collection of plans are some of the best I've seen. If you're a woodworker, you really don't want miss out on this great deal. (insert aff link)

2nd follow up

title: [[firstname]], it might be too late... (open now)

Hey [[firstname]]

This is important:

Have you secured TedsWoodworking yet?

If not, go immediately to do so...



As I've said, this is the *EASIEST* way
to start your woodworking projects -
and it's still at a ridiculous low price:


If you're just starting out or you're a
seasoned carpenter, you'll find out just
how simple it is to build projects using
TedsWoodworking step-by-step plans.

With over 16,000 plans, it covers a ton
of projects. Check it out and see why
I endorse it so much.

You'll love it.

So hurry...before this offer ends:


Take care and talk soon.
Your Name Here

First email (version 2)

title: [firstname]], 16,000 woodworking plans inside...(2 days left)


I just discovered this and suggest you see this immediately...


There are over 16,000 woodworking plans that comes with step-by-step instructions and detailed photos


Cool thing is, I've been quietly using the plans for the past 2 months to build my outdoor projects

Here's why its so cool:

- Over 16,000 Woodworking Plans
- With CAD/DWG software to view/edit plans
- Step-by-step instructions with photos
- High quality blueprints and schematics
- Lifetime members area with woodworking videos

You'll love it.

Check it out now as the offer ends in 2 days:

Go now as this offer comes down in
the next few days (time sensitive):


Your Name Here

P.S TedsWoodworking has fast become the most popular woodworking package. The sale price will not last forever. If you are looking for best blueprints, illustrations and plans to make any project easy and hassle-free, than I urge you to get in while its cheap.

Click here to visit his site now

3rd follow up (high pressure close)

title: bad news

I screwed up.

Yesterday, I sent an email telling you about TedsWoodworking collection of 16,000 plans (insert aff link)

Bad news is, I must have underestimated the amount of people who wanted to get in ... because Ted's server actually fell over.

So to those who wanted to sign up (but couldn't) ... I am very sorry you got a '404 page error'.

This is due to an overload of traffic to the webpage that caused it to go down...

However as his way of apologizing, Ted has informed me that he will extend the offer for 1 more day.

For those of you who missed out, click here to access TedsWoodworking now (insert aff link)

Again, this offer will end at midnight tonight.

If you really want to get your hands on 16,000 projects (and I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t have even visited the site), then you should grab it right now.

Remember, not only will it give you step by step instructions on whatever you're working on, but it will also give you tons of ideas for your next woodworking project.

So order NOW before the discount expires tonight (insert aff link)

Thank you for your time and patience. Fingers crossed my servers hold up this time : )

Best regards,
Your Name

P.S: This is your last chance to grab all  16,000 plans at this discount price. I've been told that Ted will only extend this offer until midnight tonight and this offer will NOT be repeated again.

No pressure or anything but if you miss this out, you'll have to pay full price in future.


Direct Affiliate Link

Use this direct affiliate link if you wish to send traffic directly to the order page

Direct Link: (replace YourClickbankID with your actual ID)

Review Videos

You can use download and use these videos on your blog or social media sites to promote your affiliate link or site

Right Click To Download Video
(right click and select "save link as")

Right Click To Download Video
(right click and select "save link as")

Review Articles

Product reviews and pre-selling articles are one of the most powerful ways to "warm up" your visitors before getting them into buying mood.

Click here to see a sample review article

(PLEASE REWRITE THIS for uniqueness. Google won't rank it if it is not unique)

Download these presell and review articles to use on your blog or sites.

There are 4 of them in total. Right click to save link/target as:

1. TedsWoodworking Presell Article

2. TedsWoodworking Review Article #1

3. TedsWoodworking Review Article #2

4. TedsWoodworking Review Article #3

IMPORTANT: Remember to rewrite these reviews for uniqueness. You won't rank if you simply upload these unchanged.

Tips For FREE Traffic

Here are some great tips to get free traffic to your affiliate link. It works even if you don't have a website!

1. Modify your email signature to include your affiliate link

By adding your affiliate link to your email signature, every time you send an email to someone, you are potentially making a sale with us and making money!

In a gmail account, you would simply go to the "settings" tab in the upper right hand corner of your gmail account, then scroll down to the very bottom where it says signature. Here you would enter your affiliate link:

<a href=>Get instant access to 16,000 woodworking plans!</a>

Just replace YourClickbankID with your ClickBank ID.

If you have another type of email account, simply google how to add a signature to whatever type of email account you have.

2. Post your affiliate link on your Facebook page

Post interesting woodworking projects and articles on your Facebook wall WITH your affiliate link.

This is one of the best ways to generate some quick money!

Create an interesting post talking about how you found this website, and post it on your facebook page. Make sure you include a link to our website.

3. Twitter

Either broadcast your affiliate link with some text talking about our program to your current followers, or create a new twitter account, and start following as many people as you can who are interested in "woodworking".

Once you have enough people following you back, you can tweets promoting our program and earn money!

4. YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world?

It is simple to make money and generate free traffic to our offer using YouTube. All you need to do is create some review videos that review the offer, and talk about how you have had success with the program. Use keywords in your video title that are related to our program to help rank. Make sure to include your affiliate link inside the videos!

Another EXCELLENT thing you can do, is simply comment on every YouTube video you see that is related to "woodworking" and include your affiliate link in the comment section of the videos.

5. Pinterest & Instagram

Use pictures and images you create, generate free traffic for you, that you can funnel into your affiliate link!

Create an instagram or Pintrest page, and start uploading interesting pictures or images that you own. It is important to try to build a "following".

Pick a niche relating to woodworking - eg: DIY Furniture. Then post related pictures, the more the better. Eventually you will get followers, which will in turn visit your links you post in your account!

6. Free Press Releases

Doing a press release can generate an enormous amount of traffic. Most people don't know there are services that offer it for free!

You can either write your own press release about our program, or go to websites like or to get a press release created for you. Here are some free press release submission sites:

7. Start a Blog

Start a blog or review site that is related to woodworking.

IMPORTANT: Write unique, interesting and informative articles. Google ranks unique sites very well!

If you're writing a review article, ensure it is original and show the pros and cons. Ultimately tell the visitors why you think they should choose our program.  Over time google will index your blog and you will get more and more natural traffic.


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