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Hungry Market With Rabid Fans

Tired of promoting overly saturated weight loss and fitness products?

We serve a hungry market with RABID fans. Woodworking is an evergreen niche with a demographic that are passionate.

These folks have high spending habits who are always willing to purchase and plans such as TedsWoodworking to improve their craft.

That means easy sales, higher ROI, higher EPCs!

Our product, being consistently ranked among Clickbank's most popular products is proof of this HIGHLY lucrative niche!

What Is TedsWoodworking?

TedsWoodworking 16,000 plans package is sold on Clickbank - the #1 platform for digital products. It consists of the LARGEST database of over 16,000 projects with new plans constantly updated.

With 10% conversions on cold traffic and 23% on warm leads, affiliates have been calling this the highest converting DIY/Woodworking product on the Internet!

Proof Of Crazy Conversions

1 in 11 Hops - 10% Conversions on cold traffic. Affiliates get up to 23% on warm leads!

Hundreds of our affiliates are making thousands of dollars everyday.

Test your traffic with us, get serious cash and you'll understand why super affiliates love us!

The Sales Funnel Explained...

NOTE: More than 70% of customers purchase upsells so you'll get bigger commissions per sale!

Main Offer


1st Upsell


2nd Upsell




1st Upsell


Backend Recurring


Membership Upsells

$$$ (split-testing)

Why Promote Us?

We are #1 in Clickbank's home & garden category for years running...

We're also consistently ranked in the top 10 across the entire CB network.

...and the kicker is we're not even in highly saturated health, fitness or self help niches.

We CRUSH in many lists including alternative energy, green market, DIYers, survival / preppers and of course the woodworking market.

Here are the reasons why:

  • HUGE Commissions

    You get up to $125 in commissions for a single sale with a highly optimized upsell/downsell funnel. We give 75% of ALL sales from the frontend to the back.

  • SKY HIGH Conversions

    We have one of the HIGHEST conversion rates on Clickbank. (We know because we’ve tested them all!). We convert 1 in 11 hops for cold targetted traffic and 24% for pre-sold leads.

  • Rabid Fans In a HUNGRY Market

    The woodworking niche is a hungry market with rabid fans in a high disposable income segment. With the right offer like TedsWoodworking, this means higher conversions, higher ROI and EPCs

  • Constantly Split-Testing For Maximum Conversions

    Unlike other offers, we are constantly testing our landing pages EVERYDAY.That means you’ll get more commissions over time as our conversions improve!

  • Credit For Follow Ups

    We want to provide the best conversions so that our affiliates can make as much money as they can. We have opt-ins for non-buying visitors and we send them follow up emails to close the sale. You WILL get commissions for any sale make via follow-up emails.

  • A KILLER Offer

    We’ve got a killer offer that woodworkers would devour with a salespage that is written, rewritten, turned around, fine-tuned and rewritten some more, to grab the potential customer and never let go of him till the sale is closed. It is designed by the top dogs to pull in response and conversions.

  • Works on All Lists with Men >30 years old

    TedsWoodworking does well on all lists that target men above 30 years old. It crushes on DIY, survival, green energy and conversative lists.

  • Upsell Conversions >72%!

    Our upsell offer has been optimized and tweaked and it is currently converting at >72%.  7 in 10 is taking up the upsell – giving you more money! The best part is, you get to keep 75% of all upsells/downsells.

  • Low Refund Rates

    Our customers love the value in TedsWoodworking and it shows. Members stay with us for the long run as we offer monthly, drip-feed bonuses. That means less customers are refunding, but more importantly you don’t lose your commissions to refunds.

  • Tons of Creatives & swipes

    We’ve included tons of banners in all sizes, email swipes and resources for our affiliates. We’re also more than happy to help you with any question you have or provide suggestions.

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